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A dog and a cat in a heart
I'm Ronnie

If there are two things I love, it's animals and photography.

I grew up in a family with lots of domestic animals around, so it's always been a natural part of my life, but over the years I've become passionate about all animals - dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, rabbits, birds, ducks, chickens, snakes, all kinds of reptiles, all kinds of insects, domestic animals and wild animals. All animals, and I make no exceptions. I see the beauty in them all, I'm never afraid of them, I'm always gentle and endlessly patient with them, and they sense that in me.


Photography too has long fascinated me - in fact I spent almost all of my very first pay packet on a camera, a Konica point-and-shoot, and I was thrilled because it had 35mm film instead of the 110mm that I'd had before that. Well, since then I've moved on to DSLR photography along with digital imaging, and when I'm not photographing pets, you'll find me with my camera all the same, enjoying all kinds of photography. I'm the one you see strangely crouched on the ground taking photos of nature with a macro lens, or perhaps you'll see me at the crack of dawn capturing a beautiful sunrise lansdscape, or in the middle of the night for astrophotography. People don't escape my lens either and I enjoy adding to my "Strangers Portraits" a popular photographer's skills development project in which the objective is to approach a person in the street and ask to take their portrait then and there. 


However, right from the start my favourite subjects were animals. I see what makes them special as I compose the photograph and process the final image, so specialising in Pet Photography was the natural progression. I understand from my own personal experience the importance of our pets, and I love to showcase that. I've become increasingly interested in the interactions and rapport of people with their pets, and I love it when I have the chance to include it in my portrait sessions.


Whether you're looking for a playful, candid shot or a stunning portrait of your best buddy, I'm committed to creating perfect images for you to treasure for many years to come!

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