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Sunflower Sessions Terms and Conditions

Bookings and Payment:  

Due to the very limited number of sessions available, 75% of the package fee is required to secure the booking, and the balance is payable on the day of the photoshoot. The deposit is non-refundable, unless the photographer is unable to perform the requirements of this contract due to inclement weather, illness or other circumstances, in which case the full amount paid will be refunded.

The Photoshoot Session:   

The photoshoot session will be held at Warraba Sunflower Farm, 439 Mcnallys Rd, Cambooya QLD 4358 and will be conducted over a period of 20 minutes.

Safety Considerations:

The client acknowledges that they are aware of and understand the presence of outdoors dangers including but not limited to snakes, ticks, other animals and road traffic. The client also acknowledges that bees and other biting insects may be present in the sunflower fields. The client agrees to be present during the entire photoshoot, and acknowledges that they are and continue to be responsible for the health and safety of themselves and members of their party. This client is and continues to be responsible for the health and safety of their pet(s) during the photoshoot, and the health and safety all other people and animals that may come in contact with their pets during the photoshoot.

Rescheduling due to adverse weather:

The client understands that adverse weather conditions may require the photoshoot session to be rescheduled to an alternative time or date, at no additional cost.


Following the photoshoot, the photographer will release 5-10 photo proofs to the client within 14 days by way of a private online gallery.

Artwork Inclusions and Additional Purchases

The photographer guarantees to retain the images from the photoshoot on file and available for artwork orders for a minimum period of six months.

Artwork Inclusions:

The sunflower mini session package includes the following choice of artwork products:

 - a 10cmx10cm Lumitile acryllic block; OR

- two fine art prints, matted to 20x25cm; OR

- 3 high resolution digital images.

The client shall advise the photographer of their choice of artwork product within six months of the date of release of the photo proofs. Additional charges may apply if the order is placed after the six month deadline.  

Additional and/or Upgraded Artwork Purchases:

A detailed price list is provided to the client in Appendix A.  The prices detailed in the price list are guaranteed for a period of three months from the date of release of the photoproofs to the client, after which time the photographer reserves the right to alter any or all of the prices.  

The client may upgrade their Lumitile acryllic block or fine art print order to a larger size, subject to payment of the difference in value over and in products, as detailed in the Photographer's price list at Appendix A.  

Payment for additional and/or upgraded artwork is payable at the time of order placement.  Once the order has been placed with the printers, it cannot be refunded. 

Copyright and Use of Image Permissions: 

All images are and remain copyright of the photographer.  Images resulting from the photoshoot may not under any circumtances be altered or cropped in any way. The client is not permitted to reproduce any of the images resulting from the photoshoot, with the exception of cases where the client purchases high resolution digital images with a print licence. 

Social media images provided or purchased in addition to an artwork order may be shared on social media and other digital platforms.

The client grants the photographer unrestricted and irrevocable right and permission to use any photographic images of their pet(s) taken as part of the photographer's engagement on the photographer's website, and in other social and marketing media forms including but not limited to Facbook, Instagram and physical promotional materials.

The permission detailed in the preceding paragraph excludes images in which people are visible and identifiable, in which case the photographer may request specific and separate permission to use the images, and the client may accept or deny the request.

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