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Lucky Paws profile photo sessions

We will aim to get around 10 good photos of your foster dog, and it usually takes between half an hour to an hour.  Your assistance will be required during the photoshoot to keep your dog in position for the photos, or if you're up for it perhaps a little running around for action shots.  


Photoshoots are usually a new experience to dogs, so it's important that we avoid any stress. Try to keep your dog calm just before the photoshoot, and avoid any notion that something exciting is about to happen.  During the photoshoot, I'll often ask you to "walk away" - meaning just calmly walk the dog away, give it some of your attention, and then return to the position when it's ready.  

Have plenty of treats/rewards/toys on hand - whatever it is that motivates your dog.


For the time and location of the photo session, please take the following into consideration.

Time of day


At the weekend, we can do the session at any time of the day, but Monday-Friday only in the morning.  Photographers  love taking photos in the soft light of the first and last hour of the day - so for the early risers amongst you, don't be afraid to suggest a very early time!  


The location has a significant impact on the final images, so we need to choose the best option possible. 


Local parks and conservation areas are often ideal, if your foster dog is able to go outdoors.   If you think other people and dogs that may be in the park will be distracting for your dog, please mention it in your comments - we can look for a quiet spot, and avoid the busiest parks.  I will provide suggestions for suitable locations in your area, however if you know of a place that you think will work, don't hesitate to mention it in your comments.


We will, of course, have your dog on a lead during the shoot.  A collar and lead is preferable to a harness, as they are easily edited out of the final image.

If the photos need to be taken in your home garden/yard (for example, for puppies that are not yet fully vaccinated), please provide a little information about the area available for the photoshoot, ie - small/large area, any garden/landscaped areas that may be useful as backgrounds, etc.  It may also be possible to photograph smaller dogs inside your home, if you think that is appropriate.

If you have any questions or doubts, please don't hesitate to let me know.

I look forward to meeting you, and helping in my little way to find your foster dog its forever home 😊

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