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Get ready for your Sunflowers Session with these handy tips!

Your photo is mounted on a diamond polished, high grade acryllic block which you'll just love!
Your Sunflowers Session package includes a gorgeous Lumitile acryllic block

The sun has come out just in time for our Sunflowers Pet Photography Sessions - phew! - and I can't wait to take lots of happy, sunny photos of your best furbuddy in the sunflower fields. In the meantime, here are eight handy tips to make sure you're fully prepared and ready to enjoy your session.

🌻Be sun smart

Sunflowers love sun, we do too, but our bodies need hydration and protection. Wear a hat and be sure to bring plenty of water, and remember to bring a bowl that your pet can drink from easily.

🌻Keep your pet on a lead at all times

This is a requirement of the sunflower field operators. For the photos themselves, you may prefer a collar and lead, as the lead can easily be edited out of the final images. Harnesses cannot be edited out.

🌻A calm approach will help your pet

It will all be a new experience for your pet. There will most likely be other dogs and people around too, so try to keep your pet calm for the photo session. Simple being calm yourself will go a long way to helping your pet. Yes, I know that won't be easy but try to save your excitement until after the photos!

🌻Bring treats/toys for your pet

Is your pet toy or food motivated? Bring along their favourite rewards to ensure their cooperation for the photos.

🌻Bring props for the photos

You're welcome to add your own personal touches to the photos - signs, bandanas, bows, bow ties, hats, picnic blankets and baskets just to name a few ideas.

🌻Wear the right shoes

It's a 500 metre walk from the car park to the sunflower field, so you'll need comfortable, enclosed shoes. With all the rain that we've had, the fields will be muddy, so bring your rain boots (we're shooting at flower height, with the furbabes sitting up on haybales to get them high enough, so muddy boots and paws won't be in the photos).

🌻Wear the right clothes

Hoomans are encouraged to join in the photos - after all, this is your moment to shine amongst the sunny flowers, and your pet will love to share the moment with you. Choose clothing and colours that work well for the environment - neutral and light palettes always work well, especially if there will be more than one person in the photos. If you're a lover of the bolder colours, choose complementary or analogous colours that will look good amid the yellow and green of the sunflowers - cobalt blue, orange or purple will contrast nicely with the sunflowers. Solid colours will look better than busy prints, and avoid yellow and green.

🌻Bring your secateurs

With your entrance fee, you can pick as many sunny sunflowers as you can carry! It might be a good idea to cut a few just before your photo session, so they can be included as props, and then after the session you can fill up on the rest.


Finally, if you haven't booked yet, do so quickly because there are only a few places left!

Go to or phone 0435 494871 to reserve your place now!

See you in the sunflowers field!


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